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Creative Giants

We provide you with services that accompany you at every stage of your journey, from writing, formatting, and book cover design, to book publishing and marketing.

Our Story

Creative Giants

Creative Giants’ Group was formed to help people express their stories through professionally written words. It began as a small freelancing provider that gradually grew to become a full-stack firm that delivers a myriad of writing services including but not limited to ghostwriting, content writing, article and book publishing, book marketing, cover designing, etc.
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

We are a passionate group of writers, marketers, and designers who adore books. We love to read and write stories that inspire, enlighten, and motivate us to become better humans.

This profound affection for books is the primary reason why we have chosen writing as a career. We love to transpire the stories that would otherwise lurk in the shadows and eventually sink into oblivion. Our work also enables us to gain valuable insights and knowledge from people from all walks of life, and that results in making our lives intellectually wholesome.

As writers of varying disciplines, mindsets, and attitudes,

we are vastly different but one aspect is mutual, we have worked hard to acquire this craft. It is a skill that we have developed through deliberate practice and study over a long period.

When Creative Giants’ Group was established, there were only a handful of writers. Today, it has grown to become one of the biggest names in ghostwriting, editing, publishing, and cover designing.

We take pride in the fact that our company houses masterful writers who can turn any idea into well-written prose. Our company is also proud to have associations with major literary companies, bestselling authors, renowned artists, and esteemed journalists.

Our Mission and Vision

Creative Giants

Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with premium writing services. We desire to bring remarkable thoughts, ideas, and opinions into the limelight that would otherwise remain unheard and unread.

Our vision is to become synonymous with perfect writing. We envision ourselves as the go-to company for everyone who seeks to transform their ideas into great reads.

Creative Giants

Covering Every Genre

Creative Giants

We encompass all genres of fiction, non-fiction, and business, with specialized ghostwriters in virtually every domain.

Creative Giants

Personalized Service

Creative Giants

We provide custom-tailored services to every client. This client-centric approach enables us to maximize your chances of success.

Creative Giants

Client Communication

Creative Giants

We assign highly-competent account managers for your project that work with you, answer your queries, and note down your invaluable feedback.

Have a Story That’s Worth Telling?

Creative Giants

We write your story in a way that renders the readers utterly spellbound.


Creative Giants

Creative Giants is the unparalleled leader in writing services because we prioritize the quality of work and client satisfaction.

Creative Giants

Our ghostwriters hold immense experience in working with esteemed authors and aspiring writers alike.

Creative Giants

We are always just a phone call away from you. Have any queries? contact Now.

Unlimited Revisions
Creative Giants

You can ask us for revisions until you are completely satisfied. No questions asked.

Creative Giants

We prioritize quality above everything else. That’s our secret to success.

Creative Giants

We know how to meet
deadlines without compromising quality.

Creative Giants

We do not begin working on your project without undergoing thorough research.

Creative Giants

You always remain the rightful owner of the book and can use your own byline.

Creative Giants

You can trust us with sensitive information as we are bound by a strict non-disclosure policy.

What our clients say about us

Creative Giants

The invaluable feedback from our clients fuels us with the passion to outperform and fulfill our vision to reach perfection.

We Make Writing Simpler

Creative Giants

Creative Giants’ Group offers writing services that accompany you at every stage of your journey, from ghostwriting, formatting, and cover designs, to marketing and publishing. Give us a call now to embark on your journey towards success.



Fill in a few important details about your book and let our project manager guide you from that moment forward.


Selection and Research

Our strategists select the perfect ghost-writer for your project. The selected writer then delves into extensive research and crafts an outline for your work.


First Chapter Approval

The writer pens down the first chapter with the hope of captivating the readers to yearn for more.


Editing and proofreading.html

As the writer is crafting your masterpiece, our editors are invested in scrutinizing your book for a critical review.



Once the manuscript is completed and approved by you, it is formatted to publishing standards. The book also gets a distinct look with an artistic cover, elegant font selection, and miscellaneous fine touches.


Publishing and Marketing

After a few finishing touches, your book becomes ready to be published. A customized marketing plan is also developed.

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We are an internationally recognized ghostwriting, editing, and publishing agency.